Results from a new contraption modern by UK based
firm, Lean Marketing, uphold a tormenting trend.

When it comes to devising money,
most of us merely don't have a indication.

The Wealth Audit asks 10 basic questions
to give support to you determine your financial position
and provides split second tips for rising material possession.

Since launching the appliance on 29th July
the upshot has been tremendous.

Out of a whole score of 100 the average
is newly 46.9 which suggests nation still
need to do somewhat a lot to be genuinely out.

The Survey Suggests:

* Almost 90% of Respondents Will Be In Trouble
When It Comes To Retirement If They Don't
Dramatically Change Their Earning, Spending
& Saving Habits.

* 85.6% of Responses By Women Over 40
Indicate That Debt & Lack of Investments
Make Them A Slave To Their Job Or Business

* Women Seem To Be More Interested In Sorting
Out The Problem Than Men However, With 61.5%
Of People Taking The Test Being Female

* Of the People Completing The Survey Almost All
Are In A Position Where Without Earnings
From Their Job They'd Lose Everything They Own

After all but a decennium moving her own business
Lean Marketing boss, Debbie Jenkins has been searching
for the key to one competent to put in her own incident as she wishes.

Debbie says, "I'm convinced it boils behind to sorting
out your booty and so I built-up this simple
tool titled The Wealth Audit to backing people
understand where they are now and where
they're header next to more coherence."

"The trial isn't nearly how markedly you earn,
but how powerfully you use your exchange to provide
an earnings. Freedom comes once you can live
the life span you privation and pay your way
even if you approved not to drudgery."

The Wealth Audit, time conveyance the problem
to buoyant solely supports what's at one time stirring.

10 Million citizens in the UK aren't
saving decent money for their position.

In fact 80% of these 10 million aren't
saving thing at all!

There's a pensions crisis looming and the
advice we get from experts is amalgamated and
often difficult.

So the just unvarying we can be sure of is that
if we don't payoff care of our own opulence now
our forthcoming isn't going to be too opalescent.

The Wealth Audit is a Free device and
nobody gets to see the answers but you.
See how you associate at [ ]

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