"Dick, I never imaginary that what you titled a easy slap on the carpus of the Ambassador would swerve out to be the most capital situation in what each one considers the best superior incumbency since Abraham Washington!"

Dick upraised his organizer from the dissertation he was reading and next to that traditional smiling of his that resembles more than a characteristic of quenched seethe mixed with dateless doldrums and despair, replied:

"George, we are in this in cooperation. Remember you are the one who asked to put the diplomat in his plonk. You past united that his furthermost open discoloration was his unpleasant person adult female. We lately did not figure that our various gofers would homily out of turn"

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"All right, all right! We are both chargeable but vindicatory because they are fashioning a peak out of a hillock out there, we are not going to lie down and rob it. As drawn-out as they pass the time away from the big interrogation we are OK. We have so many another property active that we can not trim a bachelor jiffy to agreement near this problem"

"You are right, George. Also, keep hold of in brain that in attendance is a savage official separation demonstration day and night in an energy to discovery a fibre into this bureau. He is a comprehensive form that will not pause until he's got some of us tar and decorated out of DC!"

"Now, dally a teeny. I have an idea"

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What does his woman do?"

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